Jobs in Dubai Hotels – Is Hotel Industry Recovering Back in Dubai?

Dubai has become one of the most robust metropolitan cities in the Globe in a brief period of time.
Dubai is not gifted with many natural resources like Abu Dhabi, but it has transformed itself into a tourists-hub in the region, and Dubai’s economy mostly depends on tourism & entertainment.
Every year thousands of people travel to Dubai to work, live and visit, and that’s what the hotel sector depends upon.

Due to the large influx of guests hotel sector is booming rapidly in Dubai.
Companies from around the World have created World Class projects to take advantage of this exciting tourist destination.
Most prominent among all of them are:

The Dubai Marina – Largest Man-Made Marina in the World.

The World – Another Sea-based project in the middle of the water.

Three Palm Islands in Jebel Ali, Jumeirah, and Deira – Made from reformed land.

With some of the greatest hotel groups and restaurants established in the Marina area, World’s only Seven Star Hotel – Burj-Ul-Arab, tallest World structure – Burj-e-Khalifa, Dubai has destined to be a travelers paradise.
Another planned project called Asia-Asia has over 6500 rooms and when it’s finished, it’ll become one of the largest hotels in the World.

Because of this significant advancement in hotel sector it’s no wonder that job possibilities in Hotel business in Dubai represent a large part and is attracting thousands of people with variety of talents from across the Globe.
You will be astonished to know at one point, Atlantis Hotel attempted to hire up to 8000 people.
The Giorgio Armani Hotel, The Palazzoo Versace Hotel and the Jumeirah Hotel Chain are some other notable hotels doing business in Dubai and producing thousands of Jobs in Dubai.

In short, the Dubai hotel sector has recovered to a large extent and have started to grow up again.
As a result thousands unfilled positions are generated in Dubai hotel business.
So, if you are keen to work in hotels in this amazing city of opportunity, then move on and accomplish your ambition.

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