How to Get a Job in Dubai (UAE)

In just over 30 years, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has transformed itself into a desert fishing village into one of the world’s tourism hotspots. With all-year sunlight, great hotels, sandy beaches and an excellent lifestyle, this city is not only a playground for the ultra-rich it is a city that boasts a vibrancy and multiculturalism. We will look at strategies on how you can get a job in Dubai.

The Dubai housing boom as well as its tourist sector firmly put the emirate on the map and as a global destination and as a result, people desire to migrate, live and work here. Moving to another nation may always be hard thus it’s pretty helpful to know a few things that may assist you to acquire work. Below are a few tips;

Carry out your study on job agencies before you come to Dubai. If you are visiting Dubai on a vacation or a short-term break then it’s a good idea to attempt to get your due diligence carried our beforehand. The internet is the ideal initial starting place to locate agencies that specialize on your market area.

Prepare a CV to Dubai standards. This will ensure that you are displayed as best as may be. These often differ differently from your conventional UK CV or American resume.

Get all qualifications confirmed by the UAE embassy in your country prior. This will save time and effort of the office in Dubai mailing it back to your original country. It also exhibits your keenness and excitement.

Be in Dubai as much as possible. This may not be quite so visible but if employers know that you are in the location then you will be more likely to be called for an interview.

Do not lie on your CV. The UAE is infamous for the manner it carries out background checks on prior employers. Recently, there was a story of an ex-pat who got deported after 25 years for lying on his CV.

The bulk of job agencies likes to conduct things by email and do not allow customers to see them without a visit. Unlike in the UK where you can visit a recruitment agent, things are a little different in the UAE.

Pick a respectable agency or one with some credibility; most of these are headquartered in Sheikh Zayed Road. When you do eventually decide to get in contact with these firms, try and do everything first thing in the morning so you’re emailing may be responded with as fast as possible.

It can be rather irritating working with employment firms and trying to find work in Dubai but that’s part and parcel of the process. Do not expect the greatest customer service; nonetheless, things are starting to improve. Just keep going and don’t give up and soon you will discover your dream job.

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