The Do’s and Do Nots of Searching for a Job in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful place. Located in the Middle East, sun, sea and sand await for people that desire to live and work in this little Emirate.

Because Dubai is a tax free country, it is a particularly desirable place to work. Not only are the earnings relatively competitive for foreign people, expatriates can enjoy added amenities including accommodation, healthcare and tickets back to their original country as part of their work package.

Unlike the UK or USA, the recruitment process is slightly different and can at times be extremely challenging for an acquiring a job in Dubai.

Below are a few do’s and don’t to make your search for a Job in Dubai as smooth as possible.

Ensure you have a resume/CV which is customized towards Dubai. It sounds obvious enough but not a lot of people know how to do this. Always add a photo in your CV, this way companies can see what you look like. Although in Western countries, you can’t employ on looks alone (technically you can’t in Dubai either) sadly it is the standard and companies do like this.

Include your gender. The reason is because sometimes they are seeking for a specific gender based function. Depending on the type of work you are looking for, it is always ideal to include provide your date of birth and age. This is so that you are not trying to apply for a CEO position at the tender age of 18 or Vice versa.

Nationality is also a consideration in Dubai. When applying for a job, always state your nationality and if you are a dual national try and include the ‘better’ nationality. If you speak any Arabic then also include this since this is looked on positively.

Unlike in the UK, concise and sweet is how they prefer your CV, although in Dubai do not give them a one page CV as this will be negative, do however try and have your CV at least two pages if not three. Obviously your age and experience will affect the length of your CV.

Always write a cover letter. Keep it short, to the point and offer the recruiter a reason to open your CV. Wherever possible try and address this to the individual who will be reading your application.

If you are travelling to Dubai, try and send your CV by email first and then try to book some appointments with recruiting agents prior to getting there. This will save you a lot of time arranging meetings when you arrive. Also, it will help you to free up some time for future interviews. If there are no limits on getting back fast then actually being out there is a far better alternative since employers will regard you as being approachable.

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