Why Should You Go for Jobs in Dubai? Here’s Why!

Dubai is the face of the United Arab Emirates and is known for its elegant and well-adorned appearance. With buildings of phenomenal height, such as the Burj Dubai hotel, huge amusement parks and the man-made expansion of the country, it is truly a wonder. This miracle has been possible thanks to the amount of resources imported by the emirate, especially human resources. Dubai has around 17 million inhabitants, of which only 17% are citizens of the United Arab Emirates. The rest of the population is made up of expatriates who usually come from Asia. The reason for this is the quality of jobs offered by the emirate.

The job market in Dubai is booming, with a plethora of job opportunities available. Here’s how to make sure it’s the right place to work.

Dubai is income tax free for expats.

Have you ever looked at the CTC of your current job? How does the seemingly huge amount get snatched away by taxes, until you have a modest percentage above the half mark to take home? This would not bother you with jobs in Dubai as there are no taxes to pay. The cost of living in Dubai is quite high due to the huge rental costs and daily expenses, but there is a lot to be saved due to the tax-free nature of the country.

Quality jobs are always available.

The corporate culture has caught on very well in Dubai and there are many vacancies that should be taken advantage of especially by expats. Fierce competition in the high-quality workforce market means you’ll have a good variety to choose from at any point in your career.

Nice career boost!

Jobs in Dubai usually show good references on resumes, even if you want to leave, as Dubai is a powerhouse when it comes to infrastructure and software engineering, and quality projects are carried out here to showcase your prowess. High paying jobs usually only lead to higher paying jobs in the future, jobs in Dubai pay better than jobs in most other countries.

Depending on the sector in which you work, employers cover more or less all the facilities for your stay and care. The residences are classified according to the needs of the employee, whether they have a family or are an individual. Your wishes are very well taken care of. This is the reason why many young expats prefer to work in Dubai, as the training costs are not very high and the employer makes the necessary arrangements.

Many people say that jobs in Dubai lose their value and charm and that the city itself will face economic problems in the future, but that being said, economic problems are everywhere. Jobs in Dubai are still a great place to start a career and have one.

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