Media Exposure in Dubai and Job Opportunities in Dubai Media

Dubai has fantastic work chances for those engaged in the media business. Dubai has been a top destination for foreign ex-pats because of its lavish lifestyle and tax-free income packages. If you have relevant skills and knowledge related media industry, then this is the right moment to go on and grab the prospects. Thousands of media organizations are looking for qualified media experts in the whole United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is expanding in all directions successfully. The mission of the Dubai Ruler is aimed at diversifying the economy across many directions. This has led to a boost in the development of different sectors and industries. The main sectors and industries that have boosted at a fast pace in Dubai are real estate, finance, construction, tourism, media & entertainment, and health care.


The media sector is among the most thriving industries in Dubai. The main reason for this is the special attention of the Dubai Government. As a result, unique infrastructures have been constructed in the shape of media parks like Dubai Studio City, Dubai Media City & Dubai Internet City, enabling the housing of huge international firms. Due to these actions by the Government, Dubai has emerged as a media hub in the area. Dubai also successfully organized one of the largest International Advertising Association’s (IAA) conferences last year, and delegates from around the globe participated.


This quick expansion in the media business has spawned thousands of media-related jobs in the Middle East. As a result, millions of international professionals are making Dubai their favorite ex-pat destination by getting hired by national and multinational media-related organizations.

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