Oil/Dry Bulk Trading Operator

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    2 years ago
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    August 19, 2023

Main purpose:
Contract, shipping and trade finance operations support team responsible for the safe and timely execution of the company’s physical cargo deliveries.

The Operator shall coordinate and/or execute all aspects of the transactions and deliveries, as well as assist the merchants and managers with the safe opening, execution and closing of each transaction, contract, bank security and action related to the shipment.

The Operator must also be involved in day-to-day activities that include:

– Preparation of purchase and sale contracts
– Fixed freight/mail operations and their respective charter policies
– Bank guarantee instruments used for said executions (documentary and standby letters of credit)
– Claims management
– Diligent review of the execution of contracts, shipments and bank titles.
– Problem resolution

Knowledge Skills and Abilities, Key Responsibilities:

– At least 5 years of similar experience in Oil, Metals, any Dry Bulk cargo, and Agricommodities. Experience with other products is an added bonus.
– Expert knowledge in oil, coal, metals or agro logistics operations.
– The handling of import and export letters of credit is essential (drafting, opening, optimization and closing).
– A strong numerical and commercial mentality is very important.
– Good coordination and planning skills to liaise in tight logistics deadlines
– Ability to be flexible and work with deadlines and under pressure.

key responsibility

Reporting to the Head of Trade Finance & Operations and coordinating with peers and traders.

1. Contract management: drafting, verification and optimization of contracts
Execution of contracts (invoicing, payments, release orders)
Cargo Insurance Management (negotiation, declarations, renewal of policies)

2. Shipment: chartering of vessels including freight/fixed terms/negotiation and finalization with the commercial team. Post assembly operations from end to end of the vessel. Freight differential calculation
3. Documentation including documentary instructions for Operations and Execution in accordance with contracts and letters of credit, Coordination with agents, owners, and terminals.
4. Insurance: Take care of the Maritime coverage of the cargo, processing the required Insurance policies, according to commercial requirements.
5. Execution of commercial financing
– Drafting and optimization of L/C (import vs export L/C)
– Execution of L/C and negotiation of invoices + documents
– Management of L/C deadlines (expiration dates, shipping dates, etc.)

6. Presentation of LOI and monitoring of the necessary documentation at the port of discharge

7. Claims and delays
– Operational claims management:
– Claims of quantity or quality
– Demurrage/dispatch, detention
– Calculation of laytime, demurrage, etc.

8. Data management: creation, update, control and closing of “deal wins and losses” in the database.
9. Communication and Coordination Coordination with peers and all stakeholders for efficient execution of contracts, shipments and letters of credit

This job has expired.