How Old School Job Values Can Advance Your Career

Nowadays, devices control our business communications, from text messages between offices to emails from the manager to sending messages from clients or clients on Twitter, so we can’t communicate with each other anymore.

However, there are times when the principles and ethics of previous years help you move forward in your career. As dinosaurs roamed the world, the industry focused on face-to-face encounters before people had computers and BlackBerrys. To finish the task, people had to communicate, shake hands, even make phone calls. It was considered only a successful business.

Although you can welcome the latest technologies today and the pace they offer, physical communication will really stand out and be recognized (as people used to do). Here are five ideas to tried-and gives you something extra to help your career move forward.

# 1: use the phone to answer
Looking for a job? Are you trying to stay in touch with old friends in the police? Are you working on a potential company to muster? Grab your phone by walking away from the keyboard. I realize that it’s easy to write an email from research that you have to give to recruit employers, old consumers, or former colleagues, but emails are a dime a dozen and can be removed quickly. A phone call will help you create a personal link using a device that is simply not possible. In addition, phone making will attract your inspiration, perseverance and social skills in a world dominated by technology.

# 2 handwritten thank you pass
We cancel emails faster than you can blink. But interrupt yourself the next time you tend to fire a “thank you” message to a colleague, consumer or vendor. Instead, compose and handwritten thank you and change it: discuss the particular project you are working on, everything you liked with his contribution, and that you will quickly connect. For additional networks, take a business card. I promise you in a sea of emails that your message will allow recognition for potential companies.

# 3 personally, ask a question
I thought: there were times when I texted a colleague of one or two blocks away because you’re too tired to go to them and talk to them. Don’t worry, we’ve all made it. But next time you have a question, try chatting with your counterpart in person. By having a reaction right away, you can save time, rather than waiting for them to open their inbox, read and answer. You still have the chance to catch up on a personal basis, which will be a rare commodity.

Organize a face-to-face meeting or network Session # 4
The Kings of networks today are callers, interactive meetings, webinars and Twitter calls. And while it’s great because your company or company is all over the world, or you choose to communicate with someone who lives on the other side of the coast, you need to meet regularly every now and then.

Try to discuss this personally the next time you need to have a business conversation. This can continue to improve working relationships between you and your colleagues, and can also provide a way to address unanswered problems or potential businesses. If you are traveling on Business and have consumers or colleagues who you have digitally associated in the field, make a meeting point with them for lunch, coffee, or drinks.

# 5 giving holiday gifts to consumers
As we approach the end of the year and the holiday season is near. This is a great opportunity for your customers, suppliers and customers to express gratitude and inform them how much your corporate partnership is respected. If your company can afford it, they can talk about areas with a simple gift to their place of work. I’m not sure what to get? Still enjoy everything in the family or chocolate cake.) If you can not, a greeting card for a holiday or New Year is a less expensive way to express your love and improve friendship before the beginning of 2021.