Best Dubai Jobs

Dubai is undoubtedly the most enticing place for job seekers who desire a career in the gulf. Though Dubai established its economy in the 70s and subsequently on oil and natural gas, now oil contributes barely 6% of the GDP. The most significant part of the economy is occupied by real estate and construction (22.6%), commerce (16%) and financial services (11%). With such different areas consuming much of the economy and increasing at a quick rate, Dubai draws a lot of job seekers.

Construction Jobs in Dubai

In construction, the in-demand positions are Project architect, site supervisor, site surveyor, architectural draftsman and similar. These are all skilled positions, and their salary is equivalent to those earned in the first world. Some less experienced vocations are plumber, carpenter, electrician, mason and painter. Several other careers are accessible in construction. The employment of the construction worker is highly desired because of the high compensation, particularly when compared to nations like Pakistan and India.

Creating large projects such as Palm Islands and The World has proved that Dubai’s building sector is one of the most developed in the world. These initiatives engaged workers and engineers from varied nations such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Germany, India and dozens of other countries.

Finance Jobs in Dubai

If you are in the financial field, there are opportunities accessible as an accounting technician, chartered accountant, actuarial consultant, credit analyst, investment banker, tax adviser, etc. International banks such as HSBC, ABN-AMRO, Barclays, ANZ Grindlays, and Royal Bank of Canada operate out of Dubai and employ thousands of employees.

Visa and Work in Dubai

To live in UAE, and with it in Dubai, you need a residency visa for UAE. Along with that, you also need a work visa. Usually, an employer will take care of both items for their new employers. Once you acquire access, you cannot work for more than one firm unless your key authorizes it expressly.

With 0% personal income tax and a level of living that equals the greatest in the world, a Dubai job is a dream come true for many individuals. You, too, should consider it if you desire a high-paying career with fantastic potential.